What’s the best driving route from New York to Florida?

Wow that would be a long journey I checked on mapquest.com and it’s 2776 miles/ 42 hours of continuous driving! Have you considered flying? www.jetblue.com do cheap flights from JFK to Florida – might be worth looking in to.. If you stil want to drive have a look at the mapquest route to get some ideas of stop off points.

Yes, that’s what your passengers will exclaim when you arrive at your destination in "sun-sational" Florida! fastest driving route to Florida is the best way to start your summer florida vacation or winter interlude from the northern winter weather.

If you book online at www.amtrak.com, fares from New York to Los Angeles, San. meals in the dining-car as well as tea, coffee & fruit juice throughout the trip.. Which is the best train route across America?. To give you an idea of what a coast to coast train ride is like on this route,. New York Florida.

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There are 1,092.35 miles from Miami to New York in northeast direction and 1,289 miles (2,074.44 kilometers) by car, following the I-95 N route.. Miami and New York are 19 hours 55 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.. This is the fastest route from Miami, FL to New York, NY. The halfway point is Quinby, SC.

Good for you! To help you on your way, I’ve created a step-by-step itinerary for driving the 16+ hours from the New York metro area to the Sunshine State. With stops you are looking at close to 20-hours door-to-door, depending on your final destination in Florida. Total distance from New York to Jacksonville is about 940 miles.

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Centurion’s Tashjian said his firm will be looking to move to Florida, business-friendly coastal. said landlords targeting areas outside New York City are one of the driving forces behind the push.

and the financial considerations of taking your talents to New York don’t make sense if you can play somewhere with a lower cost of living (the Midwest) and zero state income taxes (texas and Florida).

–The Champlain Loop circles the lake it’s named after and is almost equally distributed over Vermont and upper New York State. Start in Westport, New York, and travel down Route 9N/22 to the.

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