USDA Buyers Stuck in Limbo as Shutdown Hurts Housing

USDA buyers stuck as shutdown hurts housing. bloomberg news October 8, 2013 2:44 pm 1 Comment. USDA loans account for about 132,000 mortgages a year in rural areas.

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Government Shut Down and Housing Friday, April 8, 2011 – Article by: Lender411 Member If the government does shut down here is what we have been able to learn so far as to the affects this will have on the mortgage business.

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"These families really are stuck in the middle and potentially can be suffering quite soon here as a direct result of the shutdown." The people who need it most are the people who suffer the most.

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New index shows housing markets back to normal in 52 metros ; Homebuilding starts to climb out of rut ; Mortgages: USDA buyers stuck in limbo as shutdown hurts housing ; Contractors and developers adapt to a new normal for post-recession store construction ; west michigan homebuilders struggle with a labor shortage

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USDA Buyers Stuck in Limbo as Shutdown Hurts Housing – The USDA delays could. The immediate effect of the government shutdown won’t be felt beyond the disruption to home-sale transactions currently in the works, Seiberg said in a telephone interview..

But the government shutdown has gotten in the way. The couple needs the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help finalize their mortgage that is guaranteed by the agency. But the USDA’s operations have been closed for 13 days,so the couple and their five children remain in limbo. "We’re living out of boxes.

On November 12, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released an update titled USDA Announces Funding to Improve rural housing. 14 nov 2013 USDA Buyers Stuck in Limbo as Shutdown Hurts Housing

Government Shutdown Ripple Effects. Indeed, the government shutdown will have ripple effects throughout the economy, all the way down to personal home loans. At this point, many wishful homeowners can only hope for a short-lived shutdown to avoid costly delays with their home purchase and refinance goals.

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