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Looking to get a mortgage in Indiana? These are among the best mortgage lenders in Indiana for first-time home buyers and borrowers with low. via chat and by phone. Has a Doctor Loan Program for.

The physician construction loans have similar qualifications and terms to the physician mortgage loans but the down payment may be higher. Additionally, physician mortgages can be used for purchase of a second home, though some lenders will require the physician to be less than 7-10y out of training to pursue this.


"Even though we have that much debt, we were still able to mortgage our home using a physician’s loan (Masters’ husband is a dentist.)" There are many similar loans for professionals — lawyers,

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Although his partner has a steady job, the couple decided to cancel a trip to New York and to postpone taking out a mortgage for an apartment because. exodus is leaving Venezuela without teachers,

Doctor home loans first began as a solution to a problem. New doctors applying for traditional loans weren’t able to get them because of their high DTI (debt-to-income ratio). In other words, they had massive amounts of debt from all their student loans and no work history, a very bad combination in the mortgage world.

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Examples of Loan Usage. A physician mortgage loan can pay for the software and hardware needed for the separate billing system. Also, the advantage of separate billing systems makes a doctor’s own bank account much more valuable. Another type of physician mortgage is especially aimed at doctors purchasing homes.

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