The 11 best books we read in 2016

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11 Books for Beginners || Book Recommendations For All Types of People The Best Books We Read in 2016. Virginia Woolf’s The Waves is the kind of book that demands to be written about, even as it resists simple encapsulation. It follows six school friends, Neville, Bernard, Louis, Jinny, Susan, and Rhoda, from childhood through old age, as they shape and define and revise their identities.

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The 5 (Very) Best Books I Read in 2016. Anyways, last year I started getting in the habit of reading by making it part of my nightly routine. At 10:00 p.m. I shut all screens off, make a cup of yogi bedtime tea, light candles in my bedroom (the lavender ones), and do a headstand for a minute. Then I get in bed and read for one hour.

Read reviews and buy the best books on investing from top authors, We are committed to. It was recently updated in 2016 to keep pace with the current economy.

How the Internet has changed the way we write – and speak.. Best books of 2016; Best books of 2015; Best books of 2014;. Most Read Entertainment. 1 .

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Yet, while the number of books was encouraging, many of them seemed to repeat old themes and research, without offering much new in the way of insight. That’s why many of our favorite books of 2016 do.

I have read 74 books this year, and after much reflection, I managed to narrow it down to the top ten best books I read this year. Ironically, a majority of the books on this list were not published in 2016, but the perimeters I created this list with included which books 1) did I get the most enjoyment out of, 2) made me think differently about the world, or 3) contained a plot and characters.

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Much of Woodson’s work, including the National Book Award-winning "brown girl dreaming," has been for young readers; "Red at the Bone" is one of her few books for adults, following "Another Brooklyn".

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