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 · Haha, that’s funny. I remember when my sister passed her driving test, she bought a new car, and asked if we wanted to go for a spin. Anyway, we were at this steep hill and the car kept stalling, rolling back, and everyone behind kept horning haha. She got all red and so embarrassed, I.

I didn’t really know how to react, so I didn’t even try to argue against him about it, which now makes me a bit ashamed as he was saying things that were very rude and inappropriate, and I allowed him to joke about it without giving any indication it made me uncomfortable. Needless to say, his comments had some very nasty racist undertones.

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 · i was walking through the park and i saw this gorgeous girl coming in my direction and when we passed we sort of stared at each other, but when she passed, i wasnt done, i turned around to see what else she had and i saw her staring back, she didnt looked creeped out but wasnt that funny giggling either just a casual expression, and i quickly turned back and moved on, it was pretty.

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LOL alyssa was running for SODA! but we all thought that jake and her were trying to catch up to us and so we ran like half of the way hoping to "annoy" them. thats y my leg were wait no, thats not right AREEEE sore. i walked alll the way from chelsea to chinatown. ugh. lol but it was fun. and then it got soo hot > omg also there was that funny.

What is comedy and what makes something funny? What is funny? Comedy is not a science, it’s art. Therefore there are no rules and it can be very subjective. What one person finds funny another might cringe at.. We laugh a shocked laugh as we didn’t expect that.

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I love how cats woohoo. daisy and Ninja had a kitten named Penny. She is orange like her mama.. Lol, the funny pairings are great.. so that kind of negates the prevent abductions thing. I just didn’t expect the second pregnancy is all. But I’m sure Lucy and Jordan will welcome the new baby.