Owning vs Renting in the Largest U.S. Metros

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Four of the top 10 metros where monthly rents are higher than. rent in the U.S. is $29 cheaper than the average median mortgage cost.

Atlanta’s multifamily resilience is continuing to hold as the metro area experienced the third-largest rent increase in the.

Deciding whether to rent or buy a home is typically based on the cost of rent versus a mortgage payment.

Under those conditions, the truth is that it is still cheaper to buy than rent in all of the 100 biggest U.S. metro areas, but that gap has dwindled recently as price growth outpaces rent growth. And in some markets small changes – a higher interest rate, less money down or a neighborhood’s characteristics – may make a rent vs. buy.

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Of the 11 largest U.S. metro areas, the Washington, DC metro area was the least affordable to the typical U.S. renter household in 2014, followed by the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City metro areas, while the Dallas and Houston metro areas were the most affordable to the median U.S. renter household.

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Click here to download the full Rent vs. Buy cost considerations for the 100 largest U.S. metros. HOA Fees Can Make a Big. but when you take HOA fees into account, it may make renting cheaper than.

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Top returns are more likely in trending US cities where the economy, Counter to the overall trend, renting is more affordable than buying a.

How the cities stack up. To help families determine where it makes more sense to buy vs. rent and vice versa, the team at Haven Life, an online life insurance agency, wanted to find out which cities in the U.S. have the highest and lowest price-to-rent ratios.Using the most up-to-date data from Zillow, haven life analyzed monthly median price-to-rent ratios, home listing prices, and rents for.