matured circuits: listed waveform

A filter circuit is in general a combination of inductor (L) and Capacitor (C) called LC filter circuit. A capacitor allows A.C only and inductor allows D.C only to pass. So a suitable L and C network can effectively filter out the A.C component from rectified wave.

Waveform amplifier is a very handy piece of equipment to have in the lab. Most function generator, pulse generator, and arbitrary waveform generator output voltage are limited to about 10V. Function generator output resistance is typically 50 ohm, making it not suitable driving low resistance (high current) load.

Example Waveform: Logic gate waveform generation. One type of waveform generator circuit is the Johnson Shift Counter. The Johnson Counter has four different output waveforms plus the complement of each. (total of 8 outputs) Additional logic gates can be connected to the Johnson Counter to obtain any desired waveform pattern.

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When square wave waveforms are used as “clock” signals in digital circuits the. waveforms are therefore classed as “Non-symmetrical” waveforms as shown.

Electrical Waveforms. But sometimes in electronic circuits we need to produce many different types, frequencies and shapes of Signal Waveforms such as Square Waves, Rectangular Waves, Triangular Waves, Sawtoothed Waveforms and a variety of pulses and spikes. These types of signal waveform are used for either timing signals,

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Full wave rectifier is a type of rectifier which converts alternating current voltage into pulsating direct current voltage during both half cycles of applied input voltage. This rectifier acts a heart of circuitry which allows the sensors to attach to the RCX in either polarity. In our previous articles, we explain half wave rectifier circuit, Rectifier efficiency equation, diode.