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When aides to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney booked him on CNBC’s Kudlow & Company Tuesday, it probably wasn’t to discuss sexual solicitation in an airport mens room. But there it was — the first question for Romney: "What is your comment on the Craig problem, sir?" "Well, very.

UPDATE, 11:20 p.m. ET: A report by ABC News that Secret Service agents had been dispatched to Biden’s home to begin protecting the Delaware Senator seems to affirm the sense that Biden would be the pick. Slowly but surely the identity of Barack Obama’s vice presidential nominee is coming into focus.

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Issue: Whether the Eighth Amendment bar on cruel and unusual punishment prohibits capital punishment for the crime of child rape. issue: Whether, under Tennard v. Dretke (2001), a court may consider the lack of any causal connection between potential mitigating evidence and the crime in determining.

As The BRAD BLOG has been reporting in great detail for the past week since the reports were released, the "Top-to-Bottom Review" had found that all Electronic Voting Systems certified in California.


Millions world over has gone buoyant over the first black president in the White House – Mr. barack hussein Obama. His swearing-in as the forty-fourth American President on January 20, 2009 has skyrocketed enormous expectations and hope to move ahead from an awful economic condition, to necessitate the end of an unwinnable and unpopular war and to get rid of the policies of a vindictive.

 · C-J interview with Osi (speaks) I’ve had this interview in my blogging pile for a long time and thought about passing it up, but thought better of it and decided to excerpt it. (It’s quite long if you want to read the whole thing.) I enjoy his blog, Osi Speaks! and I love this picture. He seems like really good people; I hope I get to meet him.

David Maloney’s SavvyCard David Maloney, immunotherapy researcher and oncologist. Mobilizing the immune system to fight blood cancers. There was a time when our only weapons against cancer were blunt ones – chemotherapy and radiation that kill diseased cells but do considerable damage to healthy tissue along the way.