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Should the US stop helping poor countries? I think we should because we help a lot a countries but never get anything back. That’s one reason why we are in so much debt is because we help to much. Let’s have a country who’s not in a lot of debt help too. They depend on America too much and every.

That is why I am posting “America Disrupted,” a chapter from my book, here on Medium. Even if you haven’t read The. I believe there are six areas where the government should concentrate. Stop.

When senator elizabeth warren declared that she was running for president in February, she described Donald Trump’s administration as “the most corrupt in living memory.” But she didn’t stop there..

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 · Warren has smartly marketed herself as having a foot in both camps. She may very well prove a unifying figure – if that is possible, given how fierce the resistance would inevitably be to any real attempt to reorganize the banking, pharmaceutical and tech industries.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is out Tuesday morning with another. American workers and hollowing out American cities along the way.” And she wants it to stop. Warren wants a Department of Economic.

Despite efforts by the Democratic National Committee to avoid separating the candidates into "high-polling" and "low-polling" debates, a random selection resulted in a big asymmetry between the first night and the second night of the Democratic primary debate. While the attention on Wednesday was.

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US Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts – a Democratic candidate. One of the key objectives of the Bretton Woods.

In tonight’s Daily Take, Thom discusses how the Republican candidates are helping ISIS.

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 · At a senate banking committee hearing on Tuesday, sen. elizabeth warren questioned John Stumpf, chairman and CEO of Wells Fargo, about the.

 · NEW YORK — After being pummeled for months on the presidential campaign trail, the U.S. business community is finally striking back at its critics. The "vilification of this [financial] industry.