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14 Things Facts About Mortgages That Will Impress Your Friends. Over the course of my career in finance and in writing about mortgages, I’ve found that one good way to make conversation is to reveal little-known facts about mortgages to my friends and family.

"Sending in a little extra saves you a lot.". those living expenses will be next-to-nothing because you won’t have a mortgage payment to make. 5.. + 5 Little-Known Credit Score Facts.

You can also eliminate monthly MIP if you gain enough equity in your home to eventually refinance into a non-FHA mortgage (ask your lender for details). The upfront MIP can be financed, paid in cash, or covered by a seller credit. It can be refunded on a prorated basis if you refinance into a new FHA loan within 36 months. 6.

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7 Little-known Trivia Facts about Orlando, Florida. Known for its theme parks, golf communities and tourist attractions, central Florida may seem like another bustling city with a slight twist. Locals and savvy travelers know that Orlando has tons of little-known local facts, locations and hideaways that make the City Beautiful a fun place to.

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1. There are different types of second mortgages What exactly is a second mortgage? These loan products come in a couple of different forms. For instance, a revolving HELOC offers the borrower continuous access to equity as they pay off what they.

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How Many Types of Reverse Mortgages Are There? Kathleen Coxwell.. Another little-known reverse mortgage product is the HECM for Purchase reverse mortgage. It’s now available in all 50 states and falls under the reverse mortgage types that are FHA-insured.. the loan essentially rolls a.

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